Give Your Guests a Comfortable Stay

Come to us for motel wiring services in Bozeman, MT & Gallatin County

If your new motel isn't wired properly, it could cause your guests to have an unpleasant experience. Not to mention how faulty wiring can be a serious safety risk. Make sure your guests are comfortable and safe by working with Sacry Electric Inc. in Bozeman, MT & Gallatin County.

With our motel wiring services, our team will make sure every room is properly wired. We'll install all the auxiliary wiring too, which includes any:

Fire alarm wiring
Data wiring
Ethernet and Wi-Fi wiring
Security camera wiring

Don't let faulty wiring give your guests a poor experience. Come to us when you need reliable motel wiring services.

Keeping things simple for you

When it comes to our motel electrical installation services, we aim to make things as easy as possible for you. That's why we hire and work with the fire alarm and HVAC contractors ourselves.

By doing this, you won't have to worry about dealing with a bunch of different contractors. Instead, you'll work directly with us while we make sure all your fire alarms, baseboard heaters and PTAC units are installed and wired correctly.

Contact us to schedule a new motel electrical installation service today.